Get a Free Ride Home After a Fabulous Evening!

FREE Saferides

Don't risk the safety of your friend and yourself by driving home after a night of brews and wine. Thanks to our partners at Tavern League of Wisconsin, we offer the saferide program at The Firehouse Bar and Grill to get bar patrons home safely.

Have a Worry-Free Night

Have a great time without having to worry about who will be your designated driver. The Firehouse Bar and Grill will make sure you get home safely when you drink at our establishment.

Benefits of Saferides

  • Totally FREE for bar patrons
  • Local service
  • Reduce the chances of DWI conviction
Visit every Thursday night for $1.00 off on all drinks for ladies.
You can kick back and enjoy food and spirits without having to worry about how many drinks you can take before it affects your ability to drive. Don't put yourself or other local patrons at risk, we'll get you home
with no worries.

Great place to eat and drink.

- Gary Mack
Tavern League of Wisconsin
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